A Hyper Snail

The HyperSnail Human Resource Management system (HHRMS) is designed to provide team management and communication capabilities in places where internet access is slow or intermittent. The entire HyperSnail source code is less than 950kb, less than 800kb if you don’t count the installation files, and the average page size is less than 10kb. This means that the HHRMS is usable over connections as slow as 5kbps.

The HHRMS will be used first by Bible Translation and Literacy (BTL) Kenya (http://www.btlkenya.org/). BTL is a Kenyan organization closely associated with Wycliffe Bible Translation. The BTL and Wycliffe teams distributed throughout rural Kenya are currently working to translate the Bible into fourteen different languages.

About “Open Source”: It’s not about free stuff. Open Source is about a mentality of community. Think ahead. Consider whether what you are doing will

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make it easy for someone else to pick up where you left off.

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